Monday, 5 March 2012

Victory for the WI in Heddon

The never-say-die ladies of the Women’s Institute have triumphed in the battle of the bill. Heddon-on-the-Wall WI, Northumberland’s oldest branch, have been told by energy giant Npower that the £5000+ electricity bill which threatened their future has been dropped. It was a bill created after an NPower error dating back several years. I am also pleased that as a gesture of goodwill, npower chief executive Volker Beckers has also refunded the branch’s regular £530 power bill.
I wish the Heddon branch, which celebrates its 95th anniversary this year many congratulations.
Paul Tully in todays Journal has a full breakdown of the story and quotes the happy secretary Pauline Wright who declared: “It’s taken us by surprise – but what a very, very pleasant surprise! I received a phone call from a senior official at npower to tell me that they had finally decided to scrap the bill – and on top of that, refund the regular bill.
“It’s fantastic news and gives us an extra reason to celebrate at our birthday party on Monday.”

Read the sory in full here: