Thursday, 8 November 2012

Police and Crime Commissioner elections are a week away

I return home first thing tomorrow for a big push to help Phil Butler become Northumbria's PCC.
As a former senior police inspector running a multi million pound policing budget and a large team he is exactly what we need. He is also now both a businessman and a part time lecturer.
I was disappointed that on Look North on BBC1 on 6 Nov 2012 the Labour candidate for Police Commissioner described how Phil, “was only an inspector. He was only two ranks above a constable, seven below the chief constable. Heaven knows how she’d [The Chief Constable] cope with being told what to do by someone of that level.”
It's worth bearing mind that Ms Baird was booted out as an MP in Redcar in 2010, with the biggest swing against any Labour MP in the country. It's a comment I am sure she now regrets.
Having worked with the police for 20 years as a criminal prosecutor, and done 9 murder trials and a host of criminal crown court trials, I have nothing but respect for the police. I also genuinely think that Phil would make be a great man for the job. I like the fact that he has only recently put his hand up and volunteered to get involved in his local community now that he is able to - having left the force.
Like all candidates he is unpaid. If it were a choice between John Prescott's best mate and Phil Butler to be  advising and working with our wonderful Chief Constable I would take Phil every day. But that's democracy - its down to you the voters to decide. If you do not cast your vote on Thursday of next week you will not get the Police Commissioner you deserve.