Friday, 9 November 2012

Scrap Metal Dealers Bill passes in parliament

My local churches will delighted. Many congratulations to Conservative MP Richard Ottaway’s whose Private Member’s Bill was voted through today in the House of Commons.  The new Bill will now go to the House of Lords and now stands a very good chance of becoming law.
Most pleased will be the church but anyone who has been delayed by metal theft to railways or the like should be equally delighted.
Many industry groups including Alchemy Metals, ATOC, British Metals Recycling Association, BT, Calor Gas, Electrical Safety Council, Energy Networks Association, E-On, Network Rail, Rail Freight Group, SITA UK and UK Power Networks praised the fact that the Bill passed through its third reading.
This has been a long campaign to close one of the key loopholes and it should act as a major deterrent to scrap metal theft as the offence is now traceable, whereas before it clearly was not. This wicked offence has seen churches and war memorials targetted in particular.
Private Members Bills only go through if noone objects in the House. A compromise was reached with a few parliamentarians, who had been concerned as to the drafting, so that the Bill will be reviewed in three years time, with a sunset clause for five years. This gives time to evaluate the Bill in action and revise it if necessary.