Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Policy Exchange Book Launch at breakfast today

Oscar Wilde said that "Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast". Normally I would have to agree with him being a notoriously slow starter, unless I am outdoors on the gallops on a 3 mile chaser. But today I am having the first in a series of book launches with a breakfast discussion forum with the think tank Policy Exchange at their premises in Storey Street in Westminstera from 8.15 to 9.30. Assorted journalists and clever people are coming along to grill me on the book "Doing Time" and my thoughts on literacy in prisons, how we stop drugs in and out of prisons, and the need to address a different type of community prison. Had a good meeting yesterday with the amazing Howard League, who have long been the leaders of prison reform and am sure we will work together in the future. Obviously if you are footloose in Westminster and want to come and listen to me talk and being grilled then the added bonus is that you do get given breakfast.
I am having a separate book launch at the Beaumont Hotel, during the Hexham Christmas Market day on Saturday 8th of December at 11