Friday, 23 November 2012

Super Saturday Surgery

Tomorrow is a 12 hour marathon surgery day beginning in the Hexham Office with 4 of the biggest surgeries of the winter:

At 10 I am seeing the Whittonstall Action Group, who I am helping to campaign against the proposed open cast mine by UK Coal. Their campaign website has a plethora of information about what they are doing. I last sat down with Kay Fitzgibbon, John Renwick and Will Smith on the 27th April and they have been busy since. Check out their website HERE

Then at 11 I am meeting with Colin Cessford and the campaign group set up to protect the Hexham Greenbelt, to see how we can help stop building on our green belt west of Hexham.

Before and after lunch I am then meeting governors and campaigners for the Allendale First and Middle Schools, to discuss the ongoing situation around the possible closure of Allendale Middle. I am particularly keen to ensure that we do everything we can to stop the loss of the 3 tier system of education.
I have then other constituency surgery meetings before I head off to the Forum Cinema to support Margaret Rumney, and her children, who along with others have organised a screening of the film, "Voices from the Shadows", which aims to raise awareness about M.E. Tickets are still available and Dr Nigel Speight, who features in the film, will also be there for a Q+A afterwards

Finally I drive to Ponteland where we are meeting the team behind the campaign to protect Ponteland's Greenbelt. Alma and her team are doing a great job, and once again there is much you can do to help stop the building by Banks or Lugano on the green belt around Ponteland. These developers are looking at the possibility of developing on Greenbelt designated land at Clickemin Farm and Birney Hill Farm, in total up to 800 houses. For reports on what we have been doing on the greenbelt campaigns see the various reports in the courant HERE

Check out the Ponteland Greenbelt website for full details as to how you can get involved HERE

I suspect that after this surgery saturday I will be found in the pub!