Sunday, 28 April 2013

Epic Weekend

Campaigning, door knocking, rain dodging, beer sampling, orchard planting, speech giving, food festival going, volunteering, and even rode a horse at a pub....a great Northumberland weekend
- Knocked on over 300 doors in Wylam, Ovingham, Ponteland, Hexham and South Shields
- Helped Wylam First School plant its native wild flower meadow / orchard this Sunday afternoon
- Sat on a horse and drank beer in aid of the Haydon Bridge Beer Festival and Fourstones Church at the wonderful Railway Pub in Fourstones [good beer] - well done to everyone who rode, cycled or ran from Haydon Bridge to Warden fora good cause
- Campaigned with Karen Allen in South Shields and for our County Council candidates in Ponteland, Bywell and Hexham
- Did a couple of surgeries
- Supported the Hexham Food Festival - great organisation / delicious food and drink
- Missed Pippa at the wedding but the Allendale wedding did get a lot of people excited in Hexham and it was great for the hotels and B and Bs
- Held a party for 70 just outside Corbridge Friday night and gave a short speech [1 genuinely funny line - was complimented on speech being "punchy and short" ... there is a compliment in there somewhere]