Monday, 1 April 2013

Northern Rail lay on the trains!

Great news for the County Show: after months of badgering I am delighted that the team at Northern Rail have listened to myself, the County Show team, and the Tyne Valley Rail Users Group, and have decided to lay on more trains to ferry visitors to the Northumberland County Show on May 27
Regular readers will know that we have had problems with Northern Rail in the past:
But ... to their great credit the management team at Northern
- came en masse to the Valley Restaurant at Corbridge Station last August, when we held a great curry based meeting to discuss how to improve the service. They listened and agreed to go away and improve the service
- and they have really tried to take our criticisms on board, and expand the service, particularly on special events like the Corbridge Show.
So there will be 4 Extra Trains ferrying passengers to Stocksfield Station for the County Show on May 27.
Recently I met with the NCC highways team and there will be no problems with pedestrian access to Bywell from the Stocksfield Station. There is no reason not to book your day out to the County Show, and travel by train.
My genuine thanks to Drew and his team at NR for listening and acting.
Update: good piece in the Journal today: