Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ponies in Care Homes! A great North East Business helps local care home residents

Molly, a 12 hand Dartmoor Pony, stole the show at Acomb Court care home last Friday and I love the fact that the local business of Katy and Laura is so successful, and helps the residents so much.  Molly is the horse who happily takes the lift, is wonderful with residents, and who loves to be petted, and has only a slight weakness for sugar lumps. Molly is seen with her owner Laura and local resident Margaret Newton, who adored Molly and could not stop petting her. Also seen with us at the wonderful Acomb Court in Hexham are the Hexham Middle School choir - who are shortly to be heading on up to Hexham QEH. The choir were on good form, and it was good to see Elizabeth and Aneesha, 2 of  the youngsters who had come to the House of Commons and were my maths gurus who helped to change the way we do long division in this country.
I am a big fan of National Care Home Open Day. Everyone was very happy at Acomb Court.  
I had to go to do a surgery but Molly happily got in the lift and went off to meet the residents on the 1st and 2nd floors, chatting away to lots of residents. A very moving day, that I had to blog about.
Check out Laura [and Molly's] website