Monday, 10 June 2013

NEvolution and Heseltine - No Stone Unturned

Wednesday morning I am meeting Lord Heseltine to discuss the rebalancing of the British economy in favour of the North East, and other regions.
This follows on from his report "No Stone Unturned". If you have not read it or seen the key elements I set them out below:

Heseltine has set out a comprehensive economic plan to improve the UK’s ability to create wealth. His independent report makes the case for a major rebalancing of responsibilities for economic development between central and local government, and between government and the private sector.
The report ‘No stone unturned in pursuit of growth’ makes 89 recommendations which aim to:
  • inject stability into the economy
  • create the conditions for growth, and
  • maximise the performance of the UK
At the heart of the proposals are measures to unleash the potential of local economies and leaders and enable every part of the UK economy to raise its game.
In addition Lord Heseltine has produced ‘No stone unturned: chamber of commerce - international comparisons’.
Lord Heseltine presented his report to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Business Secretary Vince Cable.

The government response to the Report is very positive and accepts the recommendations
This forms much of the basis of the issues raised in the North East newspapers, NEvolution campaign, which I wholeheartedly agree and support.
I will report back from the meeting on Wednesday