Sunday, 23 June 2013

Taste Tarset puts the Great British Bake Off to Shame

The greatest cakes ever were seen at Tarset on Saturday. I popped in to help present the prizes after sterling work by a dedicated team of cake tasters, led by Tony Gates and John Grundy, in an event organised by the local community in Tarset. I had the dubious distinction of having to judge a Champion of Champions. For me there could only be one winner - Mary Lou Downie's beautiful designed carrot cake, which had earlier won the Landscape Features Class.
The Title of her cake was "Wall in The Snow" - featuring a beautifully crafted sheep sheltering by a wall
The amazing thing about her cake was the detail:
- Her wall was created using almonds and brazil nuts, with icing infill, and snow on top
- With a few delicate wisps of grass either side of the sheep, who was exquisitely designed. All the cakes were brilliant but this was my supreme champion.
A great event - wished I could have stayed for a jar or two afterwards but had to dash off.