Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pont News and Views

Had a good meeting today with Brandon Lewis the Minister at the Department for Communities and Local Government. The government is rightly stopping Local Authorities from producing taxpayer funded reports detailing how wonderful the Council is. However, there were concerns expressed by several Ponteland Residents, councillors and concerned organisations that this would affect magazines like the much loved Pont News and Views. I took the civil servants and officials through copies of the magazine. It is a community information sheet, which is free to the community, and which is clearly non partisan. This months excellent edition describes, amongst many local issues the brilliant party in the park, showcases the St Mary's festival, and 2 charity efforts locally, activities by the council, multiple letters, a report by the local police and a short whats on section.
I am pleased to report that it was accepted that the regulations do not apply to local parish magazines like this. A formal letter to the Council and those who have written to me will follow shortly.