Thursday, 25 July 2013

Westminster this week

I am still in London even though the House has risen; the team and I spend the first week back trying to catch up on all the multiutude of tasks that we put off whilst the maelstrom of the Commons is whirling around us.
My apologies to anyone who has not had their letter replied to, and my hopes are clear that when I head north this weekend I will be able to meet up with everyone up north who during the termtime it is so difficult to spend time with.
I am spending time this week in the Home Office, training our Women to Win candidates, writing a couple of articles that are long overdue and discussing the publication Access all Areas that I wrote with David Skelton and others at Renewal.
We have also had the annual staff meeting when everyone sits down and does a performance review of each other - which, as usual, turned into a joyous criticism of me for occasionally being late and over committing, and having an untidy desk!