Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Renewal launches today - proud to have written for this brilliant pamphlet

I wrote the chapter at page 66, but would recommend all the pamphlet for bold and innovative thinking as to how we transform this great country.
The Pamphlet has got great coverage - it is edited by Consett born, David Skelton. Did the launch yesterday with Eric Pickles, and today with Laura Sandys, MP, Paul Uppal MP, and Rob Halfon, MP in the House of Commons.

Update: I was pleased to see one reader comment - see below in comments section - that this pamphlet is:
"a surprisingly good read!"
It is fair to say that the authors are almost all 2010 intake of Conservative MPs, who like myself are still very small fish in a big pond, notwithstanding that we might hold very junior roles in government - I for example am a junior Parliamanetary Private Secretary at the Home Office. The pamphlet is all about trying to sketch out policies for 2015 and beyond and to road test ideas both in print and speeches.
But you will hear lots more of the likes of Paul Uppal, the wonderful MP for Wolverhampton: Paul makes the point that the citizens of Wolverhampton elected him, a young lad from an ethnic minority, who grew up in a 2 up and 2 down in Wolverhampton, to a seat which was once represented by guess who ...? Enoch Powell, author or Rivers of Blood
This country has come a long way since the 1960s has it not?