Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I shall be voting for an EU referendum on Friday. Why won't Labour let the People decide?

We have a referendum Bill in the House of Commons on Friday. I shall be voting for it. Labour oppose.
David Cameron’s gave a statement yesterday on the European council and we had a reply of sorts from Ed Miliband.
The PM commented on the reply by saying:
What I thought was interesting about Ed Miliband’s response was that we heard not a word about the referendum that we are going to discuss and debate on Friday. I think I know why. The right hon. Gentleman has said that he is not in favour of a referendum; the shadow Chancellor has said that it is pretty stupid not to have a referendum; his chief adviser has said that it is conceivable that they might have a referendum—mind you, his chief adviser thinks all sorts of things are conceivable. Now the Labour leader has a new approach, announced in The Sunday Times—that Labour is not going to talk about a referendum. I think I can sum up the right hon. Gentleman’s policy in three words: weak, weak, weak.’

The problem is that Labour could put the referendum in law. At present we do not have the votes in parliament to do this without support from Labour, or the Liberals. Friday will be an interesting day.