Thursday, 12 September 2013

Baggers Originals comes to Westminster and Number 10

Today the PM welcomed the team behind the local business Baggers Originals kids wear to Number 10 Downing Street. Jessica McLean and her mum are the dream team behind Baggers, and I showed them round the House of Commons this afternoon. They are from just outside Ponteland. The PM asked them to todays reception becuase theirs was one of the local businesses which have benefited from a start-up loan from the Coalition Government. Many entrepreneurs were invited and the team from Baggers were able to network, showcase their product at the reception, chat to the PM and give him a selection of their childrens clothing for his kids. Baggers originals are kids clothes and outdoor wear that is simply unique, and squash down to almost nothing. I was certainly very impressed! The start up loan was used to set up the business website in particular. This is part of the drive to support British Business and the government loans do make a huge difference.
Check out the Baggers website here: