Saturday, 21 September 2013

Visiting the Garden Station in Langley

Last Saturday I popped in to the Cafe / restaurant that is set up in the old station at Langley. It is clearly doing very well. I discussed their progress and they made the point that they had successfully used the Groupon Voucher System as a way of marketing; in their words: "it was amazing how much repeat business and new business it generated."  I would advise other start up businesses to look at this - and pick your town and see what comes up. I am not recommending them but they can clearly be a good help for start ups in particular. The garden station are doing well, and are having a vintage fayre on the 19th October, Christmas Fair on 16th November, and are beginning to have weddings, as they are registered to do so. 
See their website for more details 
I was impressed by their positivity and hope they do not mind me quoting them:
"We have and still are working very hard getting our name out there and it is constant.  You always have to be marketing and thinking of new ways of bringing business in. We don't think of ourselves suffering from the recession, we continuously work hard to keep our standards up and if you look at trip advisor, apart from one or two negative reports in the main we haven't done so bad considering we have only been here for 18 months."
It is a cracking place with lovely food and it has my full support. Check it out. A lovely location and great food - you will not be disappointed