Monday, 9 September 2013

Westminster this week

Education Questions today and seeing Minister, Liz Truss, this week - will make sure to thank here for her support for the Haltwhistle Academy decision. Later today, and tomorrow morning, I am meeting constituents who are coming down to parliament. All this week we are tidying up the Lobbying Bill in committee; it is a Bill whose principles are very good, but it needs clarification and that is what we do in committee and report stage of bills. I am also this week doing a second women to win selection night, trying to attend the Breast Cancer Awareness and Dementia receptions and also doing work on everything from Equitable Life to the continuing discussions about Rail in the North.
On Friday parliament has a Private Members Bill day. Normally I am in the constituency on Fridays but as I am a PPS I am spending more time doing PMBs now, which is fascinating. Will blog more about it later in the week.