Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Good meeting with the Chancellor this evening

Met with the Chancelor this evening and listened to his detailed report on the economy. We discussed everything from the fuel price freeze, which we urged him to continue [compare with the 10+ price hikes under Labour], taking low paid out of tax [compare with Gordon Brown and the 10p tax], creating over a million private sector jobs [on any measure more in employment as compared to the Labour years], keeping mortgage rates down, reducing the deficit and getting more apprentices coming through [mine have doubled in my area of the North East].
Yet we also discussed the possible clouds on the horizon which could be European or Middle Eastern instability, or destabilisation in the emerging markets. For now the Eurozone continues its recovery, and the Brisitsh economy is healing and growing.
One thing is clear. I listened to Ed Balls today and his policy of borrowing more and spending more would be disastrous. Not just my view but the view of every independent commentator.
Forgot to add that the line of the night was the wonderful Jessica Lee's comment. She is the MP for the Erewash constituency and stated that
"Some people may think that the G20 was the important political event of the week but for us in Derbyshire its the Erewash Jobs Fair on Thursday that counts."