Tuesday, 5 August 2014

It's the Darling V Salmond debate tonight but only in Scotland / online

It is debate time tonight at 8pm live on STV. For the non Scots based you can still watch online. I shall be watching. No one underestimates Alex Salmond but I simply do not believe he has answer to the many arguments in favour of the union = the best of both worlds.
On the economic, military, European, healthcare, banking and pensions issues I believe that the SNP are unable to prove to the Scottish people that they would be better off alone. More importantly I believe that the message is getting through to the Scots that we who are south of the border are genuine in our desire for them to stay. We are better together, and having beaten everyone from Napoleon to Hitler together, I want this wonderful United Kingdom to remain and thrive individually and collectively.

Do debates matter? Ask Texas governor Rick Perry, who was a much-fancied contender in the 2011 race for the Republican nomination before he bombed spectacularly on air in a live pre White HouseTV debate. He withdrew from the race shortly afterwards. Similarly in the first US presidential TV debate in 1960, Republican nominee Richard Nixon famously lost out on the presidency after many thought he appeared sweaty and shifty next to a polished and confident John F Kennedy.
At the last general election I remember very well the packed debates in Hexham abbey, which definitely made a difference to the many who were there. On any interpretation this is the biggest debate in Scottish history.
Fuller details of the debate and the implications / stakes here:

If anyone wants to come on our bus to help save the union on Saturday August 30 please email me on guy.opperman.mp@parliament.uk
I shall be going north in the morning from Newcastle and Hexham and have privately rented a bus to take everyone, but obviously need to know numbers if at all possible. We shall be going to Jedburgh, Galashiels and across the Borders area persuading Scots who have a postal vote (which land on their doorstep around that day) that we are better together. If you want to come in your own car, and can carry others, then also please let me know. This is a cross party trip, so all are welcome - I have already campaigned with many liberals and labour politicians in Scotland, and in Westminster, on this issue. The state of our country is at stake.