Monday, 11 August 2014

Dementia Friends Event this Friday in Corbridge

Corbridge is leading the way in the North in showing how a village can both cope with dementia and support local people who are suffering from this terrible disease. I have met with many of the local councillors and supporters and professional organisations in May and previously so I am delighted we are doing this follow up.

So this Friday I will be going to The Dyvels in Corbridge and taking part in a Dementia Friends Supported Walk to begin at 11am, for 1 hour.

Attendees include: Cllr Melvyn Stone, Corbridge Parish Council, who has been leading on the Corbridge project, Lorraine Oliver, North Country Leisure, Representatives from Barclays Bank, Cllr Jean Fearon,Amy Syron-Mallenby – Alzheimer’s Society, and Cllr Maurice Hodgson – Chair Corbridge Parish Council.
There will also be many members of the public and several dementia sufferers coming too. I am told the walks are very popular. The walk will be a gentle walk along the river bank, around the cricket ground, finishing back at the Dyvels.

Thereafter we are having a Dementia Friends session at The Dyvels for an hour or so
Melyvn will deliver the session, which aims to help people understand five key facts about dementia using a range of interactive activities and analogies. Melvyn will aim to keep the session quite short, which should allow time for questions and discussion. If you are interested, are a carer, or simply keen to help or understand better I urge you to come along.