Thursday, 7 August 2014

Boris Johnson to return to Westminster - thoughts and assessment

Boris is a low tax, centre right, one nation politician who really understands people and how to beat Labour. I am delighted he is going to be involved in the 2015 election and will be happy to welcome him back to the House of Commons, if successful, in 2015.
To use the football analogy - "He is a top striker and you need your best players on the pitch."

I have met Boris many times and he is a complex character - very bright, very experienced, a very successful two times Mayor with a proven track record. He also has a with a wicked sense of humour and a great speaking style. He is also a full time cyclist, a strong advocate of the living wage, and one of the best MPs I have ever seen at talking to anyone. He genuinely likes people, which is the most important asset inan MP. And he cares. He will be a big asset.
Also he is very good at explaining why it would be lunacy to make Ed Miliband Prime Minister and Ed Balls Chancellor. And that is the prospect this country faces in 2015.

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