Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pleased to support latest Guide Dogs campaign for AV Buses

I was pleased to support the Guide Dogs campaign to make travelling by bus easier for people with sight loss. The Guide Dogs’ campaign is to make sure all new buses have audio visual (AV) next stop announcements, which are vital for blind and partially sighted bus travellers. It is clear that announcements enable blind and partially sighted people to understand their location, and prevent them from missing their stops.
AV systems are only fitted to around one fifth of the bus fleet nationally, with the overwhelming majority of these buses operating in London.
Guide Dogs is calling for the Government to require all new buses be fitted with AV, as currently bus operators are under no obligation to include this technology when upgrading their fleet. I am pictured with puppy walker Vanessa and Ushka the puppy and Community Engagement Officer Sue Rowan and her guide dog, Layla.