Sunday, 27 September 2015

Democracy Week (4th event) Ponteland Students Question Time debate

Votes at 16, the cost of further education, apprenticeships and the ability of young people to be heard and involved in a community were the issues of the day in brilliant public debate on Wednesday. The event was organised by the groundbreaking Ponteland Community Partnership, with help from some great local sponsors and Dan Brown from my Westminster office  
Three issues were debated at length with the 6 person panel:
- Should we lower the voting age to 16: the room was split almost 50/50 with a small majority in favour to my eye on a show of hands.
- Has University or further education become too expensive?
- Does the gap between the young and old prevent the young having a voice in Ponteland?
The stars of the show unquestionably were the 3 local students from Ponteland High School who spoke really well. Dan is a former Ponteland High School head boy and he chaired the event superbly. Most of all my thanks to everyone who came along, and the Ponteland Community Partnership,who are leading the way across Northumberland