Friday, 18 September 2015

One year on the SNP seek what they said they would not - a "Neverendum"

The SNP must stop issuing threats that a second independence referendum could be triggered by policy decisions made at Westminster.

The SNP has hinted that disagreements with the UK Government over defence policy, economic approach and the Scotland Bill would be enough to force people to vote on independence again.
Nicola Sturgeon even said the inability of new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister would be a sufficient change in circumstances.
Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:
Nicola Sturgeon has to realise that last year the people of Scotland were promised that the referendum was a once-in-a-generation event. But just this week we’ve been told that triggers could include a defence policy she doesn’t like, an economic plan she’s opposed to, a devolution settlement she disagrees with, or even a new Labour leader she doesn’t think can win.
In short, the trigger for another referendum for this Scottish Government is any day that ends in a ‘Y’. The fact is the SNP is just scratching around trying to find any excuse to get the referendum rematch it so desperately wants.”

The SNP in my view do not equal Scotland. They equal a single political party, with a significant public support. There are a wealth of views different to the SNP in Scotland, and the majority of  Scots support the Union.

This from the PM at Prime Ministers Questions this Wednesday in a lively exchange with the SNP:
"We said that we would introduce a Scotland Bill, and we introduced a Scotland Bill. We said that there would be unprecedented devolution on taxes, and there has been unprecedented devolution on taxes. We said that we would provide those welfare powers, and we have given those welfare powers. The question now for the SNP is this: when are you going to stop talking about processes and start telling us what taxes you are going to put up? What welfare changes are you going to make? Or, when it comes to talking about the issues, are you frit?"