Sunday, 24 January 2016

Flood meetings organised for Corbridge and Haydon Bridge this weekend

The Environment Agency and Northumbria Water have both now agreed to attend the further flood meetings we have organised for this coming weekend.

Corbridge: Friday 29th at 7.30 in the Village Hall

Haydon Bridge: Saturday 30th at 10am in the Community Centre

Over the last few weeks I have met extensively with the Environment Agency to try and get answers, and an explanation of the options for the way ahead in relation to the various flood events that befell everywhere from Ovingham to Corbridge to Tyne Green in Hexham, Haydon Bridge, Warden and all places in between, as well as making multiple site visits to meet a variety of constituent householders, businesses, farmers, and sports clubs.

I accept that I have not been able to meet everyone, but Karen in my office is doing a great job trying to get everyone the answers and explanations they seek. We are holding a number of other meetings with local flood action groups and residents over the coming weeks notably a 6 way meeting with network rail, residents, NCC, Environment Agency, and my team and councillors, to try and sort the flooding on Hexham's Tyne Green, where negotiations are ongoing as to how we sort the underpass under the railway into a flood defence that still allows access.

More detail on flood assistance can be found in my earlier blog post here: