Wednesday, 14 September 2016

10 days to go until Labour select Corbyn or Smith - my key questions before the vote

The evidence locally is that labour members prefer Corbyn to Smith. That is their choice. I want to try and drill down as to what is the Labour offer and more specifically what is the offer by each candidate
The questions I am interested in having not been to any of the hustings with the labour candidates are
- why each candidate is preferred?
- are they the person to persuade the voters who did not vote labour to return to the fold?
- what are the 3 key policies to appeal to the middle ground where most of the voters live and have their political approach (in my experience very few people are genuinely far left or far right)
- what are they going to do to ensure we grow the british economy and support british SMEs?
- what are their approaches to NATO, defence, and the terrorist threat?
- what is their definition of brexit?
The link to one of the debates locally is here: