Sunday, 18 September 2016

Real opportunity for the Councils north of the Tyne to forge ahead with devolution

I am unashamedly committed to devolution of powers from London to the regions. The chance to run transport, skills, and so much more including health and justice is a huge prize. So, It is very disappointing that the 4 local authorities south of the Tyne have backed out of the devolution deal. Even the Guardian are critical of the decision. This is from their article earlier in the week:

"Local government itself needs to accept a large share of the responsibility. A lot of councils across the country have spent huge amounts of time agonising about geography, mayors and rivalries, often in the belief that, if only they wait long enough, a better deal will come along. It won’t... the devolution process ... is the only game in town for local government for the foreseeable future, and Whitehall holds most of the cards."
For my part, I will be doing all I can to support devolution.