Friday, 23 September 2016

When Corbyn wins will his Momentum supporters will turn their attention to "the #172" - the 172 labour MPs who defied #Corbyn

"Labour / Leftwing politics will be subsumed into a struggle against “the 172” – the number of MPs who voted no confidence in the leadership "
This is the Guardian speaking not me. They sum up the problem here: 
"A movement that aspires to succeed has to begin by accepting that most people don’t think like it. It must obsess not over why people agree with it but why millions don’t.
It must focus its resources on seeking converts, not traitors. It must avoid becoming a subculture with its own language and rites, all of which are bemusing and alien to most people. It must spend every spare moment debating and discussing a strategy to victory, not confusing the enthusiasm of a minority for a plan to win. It must project an image of positivity, optimism and inclusivity, not of anger, bitterness and vengeance. It must make the average punter feel as though they could easily be part of the movement, without feeling they’ve signed up to a never-ending exam that other activists are always waiting for them to fail.
Most people have spent the last three months slogging away at their job, going to the seaside, having after-work drinks, picking their kids up after school – getting on with their lives. Let’s be blunt. If members of the public are even paying attention to Labour’s car crash – and most have switched channel – “freakshow” is probably one of their kinder words."
The full guardian article is here:
The question is which way does the Labour Party go post a Corbyn win? I know where I think it is going. It is genuinely not good if it does do this either for the party's sake or the 
country. All countries need a functioning opposition. Labour is not it.