Sunday, 4 October 2015

My conference diary in Manchester - events with Women2Win, Newcastle University, CSJ, and multiple meetings

The diary is packed for the next 3 days in Manchester but you will find me at various events:
- Sunday I will be at the Women2Win reception for all the female MPs, candidates and future leaders who W2W have guided in the past and will do more to assist in the future. I am passionately behind this project, as a trainer and mentor, which saw amazing women enter parliament at the last election: the event is at the Stanley Rooms in the Midland at 7.30-9
- for more details read here:
- I am also chairing a Newcastle University discussion event between 5.45-6.45, when I will be listening to a number of academics, think tanks and specialists from Newcastle University and beyond debate energy security, climate change and more. It promises to be an entertaining hour, although as the chair I am impartial, and simply keen to get our experts being grilled by the public so come along. Later that evening I will be at the northern conservatives reception.

- Monday I will be up early for the Women2Win morning event at 8 in the Conservative Home Marquee. I then have 7 meetings that day with organisations as diverse as Newcastle Airport, Shelter, and Northumbrian Water. I will be at the Destination Full Employment debate at the Jurys Inn in the evening at 6, which promises to be a fascinating debate.
- Tuesday I am again going early to the breakfast event hosted by the Centre for Social Justice on reforms to reduce reoffending. Anyone who has read my book Doing Time knows that this is an issue I am passionate about:
I will then be going to the Membership of a political party in the 21st Century discussion hosted by Policy Exchange with Rob Halfon MP, who is both a mate and an able deputy party leader. I am then going to a Forestry lunch, before a series of meetings and events about the Northern Powerhouse, and dinner with local members who are attending conference.