Sunday, 18 October 2015

Will Trump win in America? He may be Nigel Farage on steroids but a lot of Americans are backing him

In the fullness of time someone will write a book on the most unlikely leaders of political parties. Till then we can but watch the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn engaged in a mutual love / hate relationship .... and the U.S. Republican Party as they embrace Donald Trump. There is no doubt that Trump is Nigel Farage on steroids. His views are abhorrent to many but attractive enough to some to ensure that he is a genuine contender to be the next candidate for the presidency.
If he wins the nomination he has a chance of the presidency. And then we are really in trouble as leader of the most powerful and influential country in the world is a very big deal
For an alternative view on how it is going stateside have a read here:

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  1. Wishful thinking, badly spun. Neither Nigel Farage nor Donald Trump's views are "abhorrent" unless your definition includes common sense and respect for constitutional law (in Donald Trump's case) or the belief that Britain should be a sovereign nation ruled by British law (Nigel Farage).

    All of which is mainstream thinking outside of the Westminster bubble and the DC beltway.

    And is only going to become increasingly prevalent as more and more citizens discover the truth beyond the media spin. Including the linked Mirror piece wishfully entitled "the Donald Trump show winds down". As if.