Friday, 9 October 2015

Use them or lose them! This weekend support your local independent book shops, markets and retailers

Use them or lose them! All of us want the quirky, individual, different shops on our high streets but every consumer is responsible for what they buy. If you choose to order all your books and purchases online via Amazon and co then a local retailer is losing out - so life is more convenient for you. And, although we are getting these companies to pay more tax that's previously, the reality is that big companies are crowding out the small supplies. What to do?
- you can buy your meat from a local butcher or in the farmers market this Saturday, where you will get a better product from a local farmer, with meat utterly traceable and handled in an exemplary way. And it tastes better. While you are at it stop buying cheap foreign imports in supermarkets.
- make sure you support our local shops in Hexham, Corbridge, Haltwhistle, and across the county. Every time you choose to ignore them and shop at a supermarket their trade suffers. Trust me you will be the first to complain when you see our high street solely the preserve of the high street chain.
- get involved with great promotions like the one run by my favourite bookseller Cogito in Hexham (although Forum in Corbridge are also v good).
This from the cogito team is surely a must go to:
Calling fellow book lovers, whatever you’re doing this Saturday, make sure it includes popping into Cogito Books for our bookshop party – celebrating real books in real bookshops!

Throughout the day we’ll have ‘Books’ Fizz’ and a Tasting Saturday Extravaganza not to mention cake, quizzes, face painting and live music … and lots and lots of conversations about books.
Come join the party and celebrate what makes Cogito Books so special!

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