Monday, 26 October 2015

Westminster this week -welfare reform, air ambulance support and many constituent meetings in Westminster

It is a busy week. On Monday I will be helping many old friends and colleagues who are attending Westminster for the annual Air Ambulance reception in the House of Commons when the various organisations reach out and engage with members of the commons and lords. I will be working late until gone ten pm on the finance bill, and then an early start for Tuesday's final day in the commons for the Welfare Reform Bill. Wednesday and Thursday I have a number of meetings with constituents, and key organisations like the team behind Health North, and people who are willing to help make the creation of the Tynedale Bank a reality. Friday is private members bills day in the commons and I will be remaining in London for these. Once again this week we have a work experience pupil from Queen Elizabeth High School. Last week it was Beth Thomas. This week it is Alice Walton. This makes well over 250 work experience placements we have had in the Commons or local offices.