Monday, 18 September 2017

Hidden Treasures- Aydon Castle

You've heard of Bamburgh Castle and Alnwick too, but just outside the centre of Corbridge is Aydon Castle- one of the finest examples of Northumberland's long and fascinating history.

Surrounded by beautiful and peaceful woodland, Aydon Castle is a stunning 13th century fortified manor house. Built by wealthy merchant Robert de Reymes in 1296, the building was initially a residence but was fortified on the outbreak of the Anglo-Scottish wars and was occupied by both the English and the Scots during the 14th century. Aydon Castle later became a farmhouse in the 17th century which was lived in until 1966, and it is largely unaltered from its medieval appearance to this day.

Aydon Castle is full of history and makes a fascinating day out, especially with its secluded and peaceful setting which is perfect for a picnic when the sun is out! There is so much history in Northumberland, and Aydon Castle is a great place to discover some of Northumberland's fascinating past!