Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Tidying up Prudhoe Wasteland- I call for action

I have spent the summer travelling around the constituency, meeting as many constituents as possible and listening to their thoughts and concerns. One issue that was raised with me multiple times in Prudhoe is the overgrown land owned by Northumberland Estates. The abandoned former allotment site, north of Front Street and south of Broomhouse Lane, is owned by Northumberland Estates, and residents of Neale Street, whose back gardens back onto the land, face problems such as rats, overgrown vegetation and anti-social behaviour because of the lack of maintenance on the site. The land was originally intended to be used for a retail development and Northumberland Estates say that they still intend to use the site for shops, however the condition of the site is unacceptable and I have written to Northumberland Estates asking that the area be tidied up as a matter of urgency. I hope that this matter can be resolved quickly for the benefit of all the residents in Prudhoe.