Saturday, 16 September 2017

Success! Long campaign means more money for every school in the constituency.

Great news for Northumberland schools as Education Secretary Justine Greening has announced that schools in the Hexham constituency will see funding rise by an average of 3.3% under a new fairer funding system for schools in England. For years I have campaigned to bring an end to the historic postcode lottery that has seen huge differences in funding in different parts of the country, so I am delighted that Northumberland schools will no longer lose out as every single school in our area will see their funding increased. Small rural schools in Tynedale will particularly benefit, with first schools in Greenhead, Otterburn, Slaley, Wark and West Woodburn seeing their funding rise by more than 10%. The new formula will provide funding gains for schools with a guaranteed increase in the basic amount allocated for every pupil; a minimum per pupil funding level for both secondaries and primaries to target the lowest funded schools; a minimum cash increase for every school of 1% per pupil by 2019-20 and a £110,000 lump sum for every school to help with fixed costs, and an additional £26 million to rural and isolated schools to help them manage their unique challenges. This is the biggest improvement to the school funding system for decades and I welcome this announcement which is fantastic news for our area and which will mean that children in the Hexham constituency get the education that they deserve.