Monday, 18 January 2010

Class - We are all in economy class now...

Over the weekend the Prime Minister changed tack ..again ...
This weeks mantra is that the election is not now about a class war between the son of the manse and the Etonian Cameron...that plan has been ditched
Now it is about his love of the middle classes - see the excellent cartoon I have lifted, with thanks, from the Telegraph

The problem is this: we have £178 Billion of deficit - overdraft to you and me - and someeone has to repay this. It is not a question of class but simple maths. We have borrowed more than we can afford and we are all going to have to pay it back.
I welcome Osborne's increasingly robust acknowledgement that we are going to have to be explicit about how we pay back these sums. Cuts in public spending will happen, taxes will rise and much loved programmes will have to be shaved

There is only 1 person to blame for this and he has been Chancellor or Prime Minister running this mess for 13 years.

It is not a question of middle or upper class any more - sadly we are all going economy class for a while