Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Its the economy again...from a football perspective

Only Gordon would criticise a football club for bad financial management....
Football Clubs Better Placed than Government
Yesterday at the PM’s press conference he attacked "football clubs" for racking up "debts beyond their income. "
Guido Fawkes has done a great comparison between Manchester United [the object of the PMs debt curse] and GB PLC
Manchester United, the red team led by Alex Ferguson, a Labour supporting Scot, is having a difficult time yet managed to sell off an asset (Ronaldo) and show a profit of £78 million on revenue of £278 million.
This disunited government, a red team managed by Gordon Brown, a Labour Party leading Scot, failed to cut expenditure and as a result has a deficit of some £180 billion on tax revenues of £465 billion.
It just isn’t funny. This is our money...