Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The snowstorm plot to get rid of Brown

Where does one start?
Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt agree: We cannot go on like this
They want a vote on Gordon Brown as labour leader - if Labour MPs cannot decide whether or not they have confidence in their party's leader, why on earth do they think the British people can be expected to have confidence in their leadership.

To misquote Oscar Wilde.."to change Prime Minister once without the British people having a say is bad enough; to dump a Prime Minister just weeks before the British people have a chance to pass judgment on him is insane [but understandable in the cirucstances]."
Put simply this lot are out of gas and we need to have an election now!
Let the British people have their verdict on Gordon Brown, not Labour MPs clinging to their seats in desperation. And let's have a government that gets on which the business of government, addressing the major challenges of our time - the economy, education, the NHS, climate change, international poverty, radical Islamism, security - and a government that engages in a conversation with the British people - instead of talking to itself and indulging in petty internal squabbles.