Thursday, 14 January 2010

Climate Change Conference with Greg Clark

Nick Ceasar [far left] and Greg Clark [centre] with a group of prospective candidates including Steve Barclay [NE Cambridgeshire], Philip Lee [Bracknell], Karen Bradley [Staffordshire Moorlands], Damian Hinds [NE Hampshire], Caroline Nokes [Romsey] , Louise Bagshawe [Corby] , Guy Opperman [Hexham] and Damian Collins [Folkestone]
A great event organised by the Green Alliance where 10 of the possible new intake met in Whitehall and had the chance to meet and talk with Professor Brian Hoskins lead scientist on the Committee on Climate Change, David Kennedy Chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change, the Good Energy Group and representatives of the climate change think tank the Green Alliance, Tellus Mater and the Ashridge Business School
Every person present fully understood the limited time line that applies
We all learnt a lot about our responsibilities nationally and also the local projects we as candidates can put forward. We tended as candidates to concentrate on the Green Deal Micro projects we can put forward but there was much searching for the so called "Anvil Moments"!
Afterwards an enjoyable dinner with Greg Clark, with good progress being made on the way ahead for wind farms, energy saving household measures and how our policies would be put into practice.