Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Can the England Team wear a Poppy on their black armbands?

This was raised twice in the House of Commons today at PMQs, where the actions of FIFA were again castigated for being out of touch and disrespectful to those who have laid down their lives for all of us.
Fifa has now agreed that the England team can wear poppies on their black armbands during Saturday's friendly against Spain at Wembley.The move came after Prince William and Prime Minister David Cameron made representations to Fifa asking that England be allowed to wear shirts embroidered with poppies.
The Prince was described as being "dismayed" by Fifa's initial stance.

"The Duke's strong view is the poppy is a universal symbol of remembrance, which has no political, religious or commercial connotations," said a statement.
FIFA should be ashamed of themselves.
Regular readers will know that they tried to stop a woman playing football against men earlier this autumn in Manchester