Sunday, 6 November 2011

Popcorn Politics - One thing is clear - Robert Redford Wins

Off to see George Clooney's election thriller "The Ides of March" very soon and conducting a readers poll: what is your favourite political thriller?
Here are some of the declared choices, courtesy of a Times poll:
- All the Presidents Men: David Cameron and Ed Milliband
- The Godfather [had no idea this was a political film!]: Dianne Abbott, Boris Johnson and lots more - you have to worry!
- Bob Roberts: Danny Alexander
- The Lion King: Anne Widdecombe
- Advice and Consent: Ken Livingstone [there are multiple jokes in that choice but I won't go there]
Honourable mentions to The Lives of Others, Charley Wilsons War, Julius Caesar and Frost / Nixon
- Nick Clegg - apparently could not make a choice...

For me my most favourite political movie will always be the 1972 Classic "The Candidate", if only because it is about an idealistic liberal lawyer who decides to run for office [its ok I know I am not Robert Redford!]. The classic line is after he wins the California senate race, and is in his hotel room, exhausted and elated, when he turns to the mates who have been helping him and asks:
"OK ..what do we do now?"

If you have not seen it - watch it. It will change your life - it did mine.