Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Olympics are coming to Northumberland - Get Excited! 265 Days to go..

Tracey Emins artwork to inspire for the Olympics
265 DAYS TO GO!!
The Olympics are coming
On Monday we will see published the route of the Olympic torch - I know its coming through Northumberland but exact details are hush hush till Monday
So much to get excited about
- Lots of British companies involved in the construction [for example, the seats are from Luton, the paving from Northampton]
- 20.12% discounts on multiple staycations throughout the UK
- Lots of our schools are signing up to the Junior Olympics
- I hope to have the Olympics Ministers in the North East before too long and
Best of all is the East Tynedale Olympics - a truly amazing get together of local communities around Wylam and Prudhoe who are hoping to stage multiple events next summer

Am inspired and now off on a run!