Thursday, 17 November 2011

BBC Radio Newcastle at 9am and then Prudhoe Community High School Q & A

Friday Morning: have a packed diary - off first thing to do a live phone in on BBC Radio Newcastle, followed by our social action project, where we help out at the Scottswood Community Garden in Newcastle.
Then on to Prudhoe High School - apologies if I arrive a bit muddy and scruffy...
Doing an hour long Q&A with the students after lunch in the Fuse Media Centre - the school is changing every year for the better.
Really looking forward to it.
Hoping to see what they are doing for Children in Need and also whether they want to do a Lip Dub promoting Prudhoe High School? For those of you who do not know what a lip dub is then watch this - it will blow your mind. The story goes that someone insulted the town of Grand Rapids in the USA so they decided to showcase the town in the worlds biggest lip dub:
There are other amazing school based lip dubs on a smaller scale - simply search google, of course!