Friday, 3 February 2012

Cheque handover at Hospital and Meeting in the House

Handing over a cheque for £3050 at Queens Square Hospital a couple of weeks ago: my thanks to all our supporters who gave so much time and money in support of a wonderful hospital and during the fundraising walk along Hadrians Wall. I was also lucky enough to meet many of the specilaists and be able to see some of the great work done by the hospital, and its new facilities.
Then this week I also met with many clinicians, patients, campaigners and parents or partners in the House of Commons, along with my Labour colleague Paul Blomfield, MP, who has also recovered from a meningioma.
It was a very moving afternoon and good of the Secretary of State to come and talk to all of the group and take questions. Whether you agree or disagree with the reforms Andrew is genuinely good at coming to meet with clinicians and interested parties to explain what he is doing and the way in which the reforms will develop.
Both Paul and I raised questions to the Health Secretary. Mine in particular was on how we can improve diagnosis of Brain Tumour symptoms by GPs, who often miss the symptoms, through no fault of their own necessarily. I would like clusters of GPs to have a specialist GP to have the extra training and act as the mid point between a normal GP appointment and the referral to hospital. I will be trying to take this and other ways in which brain tumour patients are being dealt with when I next see health chiefs in Northumberland. I will update as developments happen. More details found on