Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Two ways to show off the wonder of Northumberland - full credit to the BBC and our special tour guides Jedward!

The BBC are doing Northumberland Proud this week: but from different angles. Now available on Iplayer is Monday's great programme "Heritage Heroes", which focused on local British craftsmen who play such a role in keeping Gods Own County special> I urge you to watch it here:

John Craven and Jules Hudson toured the North Pennines and met skilled engineers passing on their knowledge to the next generation in Haltwhistle, farmers reintroducing hay meadows to the Allendale Valley and volunteers in Nenthead fighting to keep alive the rich memories of the mining industry.

On a slightly less reverential note we all wait with baited breath for
The Hadrian’s Wall episode of a new children’s TV show starring Jedward which will be broadcast on Friday, February 10.
The X-Factor stars visited the World Heritage Site in their mission to become the UK’s best tour guides.
Filming for Jedward’s Big Adventure involved the twins trying to learn all about Roman Britain in just 24 hours. Jedward stopped off at key locations along the wall for history lessons from experts.

The pair said: “We’ve really loved making this show for CBBC.”
Caroline Sinclair, marketing manager for English Heritage’s Hadrian’s Wall Group, was full of praise for Jedward.
She said: “Chesters and Housesteads forts made such an impression on them that they bought a replica Roman helmet.”