Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dickens Day in Northumberland

Just home and its getting much colder now, late on Feb 7th, 200 years after Dickens birth, and in suitably Dickensian style the temperature is likely to drop down to as low as -15 tonight!
My thanks to everyone at the Prudhoe Community High School who hosted the event today with Chris Grayling - many positives emerged out of the day: it was good for the Minister to hear the specific problems that we face and for him to explain what it is the Coalition are trying to do for long term unemployed, tackling youth unemployement and so much more of what we discussed. My thanks to businessmen and women, the councillors, students, teachers, apprentices, church leaders, community organisers, specialist trainers and so many more people who came along.
Probably the best thing was the ability of the North East community to tell the people who are making the decisions in Westminster our unique problems.
We learnt much, but whatever your politics Chris Grayling probably has the toughest job of all in Westminster.