Monday, 6 February 2012

A Northumbrian Week Awaits!

Freezing, foggy and with an inch of snow on the ground in Northumberland this morning.
This week I am slipped from the House of Commons which allows me to focus on the people of the Hexham constituency. Hoping that the snow will not impact on the planned weeks events but the diary is broadly as follows:
- Monday in Morpeth and Ponteland, including a meet with Richard Benyon the DEFRA minister and visiting Ponteland High School
- Tuesday we welcome Chris Grayling the Employment Minister to the Jobs Summit at Prudhoe High School
- Wednesday I am at BAE Range, which is a long overdue visit, which I am really looking forward to
- Thursday I have a mega Hexham town day, including a multitude of surgeries and a visit to the Hexham Middle School, before the Apprenticeship Dinner at Kirkley hall
- Friday I have an NFU Meeting and other surgeries followed by the Annual dinner at Hexham Racecourse, where 110 people are coming to hear Rory Stewart, the Penrith And Borders MP speak. I am master of ceremonies, and there are an interesting selection of prizes on offer: somewhat rashly I have agreed to cook dinner for 8 to the lucky winner of one particular star prize. Everyone wants politicians to have a proper job, and I have worked in a restaurant before, but this may have been a culinary promise I hope the "lucky" winners do not regret...