Thursday, 22 August 2013

IEA Conference this weekend - speaking on prison reform and regional banking

I have plans to speak at the IEA's summer conference this weekend
I shall be talking on the issue of prison reform, plans for prisons that both pay by the results - ie reduction of reoffending and better rehab, and the ideas for both community and private prisons in the brave new world where the state does not know best. Victorian prisons with no emphasis on changing the prisoner as opposed to warehousing them are not the way forward. We want innovative ideas, officers directly involved in the change mentality, proper mentoring and a different attitude seen at places like HMP Doncaster and Peterborough.
If academies and foundation hospitals can transform their sector why not prisons? This is building on the work of the book I published last year, Doing Time:
I shall also be leading an evening seminar on community banks and the localisation of banking services in an increasingly globalised world.
Both ideas are for me key policy changes and I have high hopes for community banking to address local lending issues, particularly in relation to fuel poverty and oil buying.
I will also be going to listen and debate with professors and various leading thinkers from around Europe who will be debating and discussing multiple issues including education reform, improvement in health services, and a discussion on nationalised or privately run train services.
The IEA are a really good and interesting think tank which challenges governments both here in the UK and abroad: and worth checking out.