Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Visiting the National Neurology and Neurosurgery Hospital in Queens Square tomorrow

I have fundraised for the wonderful NHS neurosurgical hospital which treated me in 2011 ever since my recovery. We have done sponsored walks across Hadrian's Wall for the National Brain Appeal, the charity that supports brain tumour research and the hospital; see previous posts here:
And here:

This year I donated the profits from both a charity quiz and the proceeds in their entirety from the book, Doing Time (a few copies amazingly are still available in your local bookshops, or if you must on Amazon, if you want to read the "must read book of the year", or make a donation to the national brain appeal!)
I am still helping the hospital and the charity in whatever way I can, and recently lobbied the Public Health Minister, Anna Soubry, MP, for greater funding and support for brain tumour research and the Queens Square hospital itself.
Tomorrow I am going to the hospital for a number of reasons but I will definitely going into the Lane Fox ward in the basement to give the nurses and team a supply of biscuits and chocolates. Night shifts are very long and I know that the patients put the nurses through a lot, because we are not the easiest bunch post operatively. I certainly was a patient they do not forget!
They got particularly upset with me when I decided that I wanted some fresh air post operation, and managed to find my way out of the hospital, and go on a 2 hour frolic of my own through the city, even though still covered in head bandages that would have made an Egyptian Mummy proud. The nurses were not best pleased. I was far from a model patient. I will be urging others to do as I say not do as I did.
The serious point is that if you are considering donating then the National Brain Appeal
is a wonderful charity, that helps saves countless lives, including my own.

Update: lovely to see the 2 ward sisters, Clara in Lane Fox, and the pocket rocket that is Sheila - who runs an amazing High Dependency Unit with great warmth, huge effort and a wonderful smile.