Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Syria - we are getting close to a decision this week

Parliament is expected to be recalled to debate the issue today, with the possibility of air strikes being considered. No one is considering boots on the ground.
We can all see that Syria’s leader is an evil and murderous dictator. It is probably true that he is using chemical weapons against his enemies. Russia’s support for Assad is a particular complication.
The truth is that there are no winners in this situation.
For my part I see no plan, as yet, and more importantly, no strategy and exit. As always, you have to ask whether by getting involved we make things worse not better.
I will be there when parliament is recalled. I will listen to the arguments made.
There is a free vote, no whipping, and no advice from government as to the PMs view. There are differences of opinion across all political opinions.
I can say, at the moment, that I am not in favour of any military action.